Grant Sharkey

Anita and Tony talk to Grant Sharkey about his new album and a life committed to a new album every 6 months for 20 years. Grant's fantastic new album ...View Details

Anita and Tony talk with "Hampshires leading panda harmonium duo". Plus we talk modern ukulele music and share three current uke based artists (Fragil...View Details

After a long summer break Anita and Tony are back to discuss the first ten podcast episodes and round up some recent releases. In this episode: Jim Ch...View Details

Some new releases and Anita discusses the Sofa City project and their Midsummer Nights Stream project. New releases: 51 Western Road - Interesting Wa...View Details

Join us as we listen to three new releases and have a chat with Leon Chatterton. This weeks new releases are: I walk - Myriad. The Lockdown EP - Anon....View Details

Rounding up some recent new releases plus a chat with Justin Capps. Listen to the end for a preview of Justins new single.  New releases mentioned: No...View Details

Part 2 of our chat with Dan O'Farrell. Dan talks about the local music scene and his upcoming new album. Dan's facebook: Details

Part 1 of our socially distanced chat with local legend Dan O'Farrell. Dan's Facebook: Micro Music: Details

Another lockdown episode, this time with Beth Williams. Beth's Facebook:  

Micro Music - Episode 3

Everyone is in lockdown so the music scene goes online. We chat about our online cultural experience so far.

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